Infrared Thermography

infrared thermographyInfrared Thermography is playing an increasingly important role in the prevention and control of visually undetectable maintenance problems. This technology allows us to detect overloaded circuits, faulty or high resistance connections, damaged fuses and clips, and other defective electrical components before they can cause expensive facility damage or production losses.

Thermographic imagery helps to eliminate the risk of human injury and/or loss of life.

Thermographic technology utilizes radiation emitted in the infrared light spectrum to image and measure thermal problems that are simply undetectable to the human eye. Without shutting down the equipment, or interfering with production, a thermographic inspection can detect problems in electrical panels, motor control centers, switchgear cabinets, disconnects, transformer bushings and terminations, and equipment control panels that may result in electrical fires, mechanical breakdowns, or significant business interruption.

infrared thermographyAt Switchgear Power Solutions we use state-of-the-art Flir cameras to detect and display thermal temperature differences from the infrared radiation (heat) emitted by an object. The information is converted to a real-time, visible light image and temperature measurement, which is displayed and recorded. Since thermal imaging allows you to see what you normally cannot see, it provides early warning and documentation of incipient failures.

Because the Thermographic Inspection is performed in the presence of your representative, any problems discovered are reported immediately. There is no need to wait for s report before planning corrective actions. A formal report, detailing the problem, and including a visual image and a thermogram of the problem, and a place to record the follow-up services, will follow.